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As an Energy Expense Management firm 8760 only has one goal with every client - to save them money on their electricity & natural gas expenses.
Today’s electricity and natural gas markets are confusing, complex, volatile, and extremely difficult to manage. This reality creates unnecessary risk and cost uncertainty for decision makers which can have catastrophic impacts on your bottom line.
8760 is here to help. Our team of experts work for our clients to navigate these challenges and to provide real solutions that work. Our unique procurement process uses the power of aggregation to save you money, create cost certainty, or both, and to provide peace of mind regarding the management of these important cost inputs. You can count on that.

8760 is neither an energy supplier nor an energy retailer. Rather, we are the largest, independent aggregator of electricity and natural gas in Canada, managing over a billion dollars worth of energy contracts for our growing list of clients. Our customers include private and public entities along with large government organizations.

8760 ensures our clients achieve the lowest possible rates through a formalized, transparent and auditable Request for Proposal (RFP) process. This is achieved by aggregating client volumes together into a “pool” of business and then having the various players compete for the business. This forces the market to sharpen their pencils which leads to the most favorable pricing and contract arrangements based on the current market conditions. On average, our customers typically achieve cost savings of between 9-20% compared to sourcing solutions on their own.

“We have utilized the services of 8760 to act as our energy advisors starting in 2009. As a large consumer of electricity and natural gas in our seven plants in four different provinces, we engaged 8760 to assist us with our energy cost containment and management. They provided us with appropriate policies, analyses and products to effectively manage our cost profiles within the constraints of such things as property lease and contract expires.
They are knowledgeable, responsive, pro-active, innovative, transparent and, most importantly, “hassle free”. The team have provided us with excellent, cost effective support for our needs and have helped us extensively in fulfilling our desire for cost certainty and management of a large expenditure.”
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Much like other commodities, electricity and natural gas futures experience volatility and trending. This reality creates both opportunity and potential negative implications for organizations, requiring insight and skill to know when to take advantage or act upon each situation.

8760’s job does not end when customers procure their electricity or natural gas through our organization. Instead, that is where the real work begins as we will provide value added insight and strategy recommendations based on the changing market conditions to ensure your current and long term needs are looked after. We will also engage our other energy partners to see if there are other opportunities for us to save you money or create long term cost certainty.

The key message is that you are not in this alone. Our experts closely monitor trends and assess market conditions and work with our clients to provide understanding and long term peace of mind.


Market Experts

8760 knows these industries inside and out. We know we can help your business manage your electricity and natural gas expenses in an efficient manner. Real experts, real insight, proven performance.

Unique RFP Process

Our unique RFP process sets 8760 apart in the marketplace. By having the various suppliers/retailers compete for your business, you will secure the best possible price and contract arrangements.

Strength in Numbers

There is strength in numbers and by pooling your energy needs with other like minded businesses, you stand to achieve great cost savings, cost certainty and long term peace of mind. You can count on that.

To begin your journey with 8760, we provide a no obligation, risk free, energy assessment. The process is very simple, non-intrusive and will enable 8760 to determine if there is opportunity to help your business. If you are in a good spot, we will confirm that. If you are not, we will work with you to provide options to improve your situation. It truly is a no-lose proposition.