WELCOME Condominium Corporations and Condo Boards

8760 works directly with Condo Boards to help manage their electricity and natural gas requirements. We use our expertise and knowledge to find the best solution for your organization based on your specific situation. Working with 8760 can save you money, create cost certainty and give you the comfort that your energy requirements are being strategically managed and optimized.


8760 delivers results. The following examples represent real situations and the savings on electricity and natural gas expenses that other Condominium Corporations have experienced.

Client Type # of Units Annual Energy Cost Cost with 8760 Savings with 8760 Percentage Savings Savings per unit
High Rise Condo 147 $156.447 $121,369 $35,078 22.4 $238.63
4 Story Walkup 189 $52,260 $46,335 $5,925 11.3 $31.35
High Rise Condo 68 $43,384 $39,884 $3,900 8.1 $51.47


Feel free to explore the 8760 website to get an understanding of what we do. You will find we are experts in our fields.


To get started click the ASSESSMENT link below. Our Energy Check Ups are a quick, easy, and a non-intrusive process that will allow 8760 to determine if there is opportunity to help your Condo Corporation save. If you are currently in a favourable position, we will confirm that. If you are not, we will work with you to identify opportunities to save you money, create cost certainty or both. It really is a no-lose proposition.