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Are you looking to save more on your electricity and natural gas bill? Are you tired of volatile energy prices? The Home Energy Program protects you against the rollercoaster effect of regulated services. We’re here to provide you with a stable utility bill at a competitive price.

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Still on regulated service? There’s a better way

In Alberta, electricity and natural gas consumers have two options for managing their energy expenses: a competitive contract or the regulated service option.

Competitive Contract

The best option for Albertans is to enter into a competitive contract with an energy retailer. Competitive retailers offer a variety of energy plans, term lengths, and product selection for all of your electricity and natural gas needs. Benefits include:

  • Typically better pricing and superior customer service
  • More product options, including fixed/variable rates and various term lengths
  • Fixed price contracts can save you money in volatile markets
  • Various term lengths allow you to select the commitment period that’s right for you
  • Variable rate plans provide maximum flexibility and the potential to save during low price periods

Regulated Service Option

Regulated service is the option for customers who don’t wish to enter into a competitive contract. You’re charged a monthly rate, which the Alberta Utilities Commission regulates and approves. The downsides of regulated services include:

  • Managed on a month-to-month basis
  • Subject to monthly market fluctuations
  • Frequent price changes
  • Rollercoaster effect on your budget
  • Not necessarily the cheapest option in the marketplace, as the price needs to account for losses from risky clients that default on their bills

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Our Home Energy Plans

Whether it’s our Fixed Rate, Hybrid, or Variable Rate Plan, you can manage your energy bill based on how much price certainty or flexibility you’d like to see each month. Choose the right package that fits your risk tolerance and lifestyle.

Fixed Rate Plan

  • Fixed price for duration of term chosen
  • Provides cost certainty, especially during periods of market volatility
  • Consume as much energy as needed to be comfortable in hot/cold weather, knowing your per-unit price remains the same
  • Peace of mind that your per-unit price remains fixed, regardless of weather conditions and consumption levels
  • Various term lengths allow choice on how long you want to fix your rate

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Hybrid Plan

  • Fixed price on approximately 50% of your historical consumption, providing price certainty on half of your consumption
  • Remaining 50% will receive the variable price that floats with the market
  • This approach creates a win-win situation to achieve a combination of price certainty and potential savings
  • Various term lengths allow choice on how long you want to fix your rate

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Variable Rate Plan

  • Offers a variable price that floats with the market
  • Generally provides lower price than the comparable regulated product
  • Potential to maximize your savings over the long-term
  • No long-term commitment and can switch to Fixed Rate Plan or Hybrid Plan at any time without penalty

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Stop riding the regulated rollercoaster & start saving now

Let’s build a home energy plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Plans

What energy plans are available?

The program currently offers 3 different plan options: Fixed Rate Plans with various term lengths, a Variable Rate Plan that floats with market rates, and a Hybrid Plan that enables customers to fix a price for a portion of their consumption (approximately 50%) while the remaining portion will receive the floating market rate.

How can my plan help me save energy costs at home?

The product you select will be based on your needs and risk tolerance. The Fixed Rate Plans are perfect for customers who want cost certainty when it comes to the unit price of their electricity or natural gas as the commodity price remains fixed throughout the term length you select regardless of consumption level. The Variable Rate Plan is for customers who are willing to ride out the highs and lows of the changing market prices in an attempt to secure the greatest savings over the long term. The Hybrid Plan gives customers the option to have some price certainty by fixing a rate for a portion of their consumption while also having the opportunity to save money when prices are low by receiving the floating market rate on the portion of their consumption that does not receive a fixed price.

What portion of my consumption can I fix under the Hybrid Plan?

The goal is to implement a fixed price on approximately 50% of your historical consumption. We will pull the historical consumption of your site for each of the previous 12 months from the time of sign up and we will apply a fixed price to 50% of that historical consumption. The remaining consumption will receive the floating market rate. During any given month while you are under contract, your final price will be based on your actual consumption.

For example, if your monthly historical electricity consumption at the time of sign up was 1000 kWh per month, 500 kWh would receive the fixed price selected at the time of sign up. If during the month, your actual consumption was 1000 kWh, 500 kWh would receive the fixed price while the remaining 500 kWh would receive the average market price for the month. If however, you consumed 1200 kWh in a month, 500 kWh would receive the fixed priced while the remaining 700 kWh would receive the average market price for the month. Conversely, if you consumed only 800 kWh in a month, 500 kWh would receive the fixed price while only 300 kWh would receive the average market price for the month. It would work the same way with respect to natural gas.

Can I cancel my energy contract at any time?

There are provisions for canceling your contract and the details are outlined in the terms and conditions which are available on the signup site. There are currently no cancellation fees for early cancellation.

What happens if I move residences?

If you are moving, you must notify us at least thirty (30) days prior to the date you are moving requesting that your contract be transferred to the new location. The terms of the contract will continue so long as you are moving to an area that can be serviced by Campus Energy.

If your new location is not eligible for service by Campus Energy, your contract as it applies to the portion of your Energy Plan that cannot be supplied, will be cancelled and the affected Site(s) de-enrolled with the Distribution Company. In that case, you remain responsible for any amounts owing under your contract including Energy supplied until de-enrolment of the affected Site(s) plus the cancellation fee associated with your plan.

Can I make changes to my plan?

If you are using a Variable Rate Plan, you can switch to a Fixed Rate Plan or the Hybrid Plan at any time without penalty. You can cancel your Fixed Rate Plan or Hybrid Plan early without penalty. To switch to another plan, you would need to re-enroll for service with the desired plan.

Competitive vs. Regulated Contracts

What is the regulated service option?

The regulated electricity/natural gas rate is known as the regulated service option. This rate is determined by an independent organization, the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), which functions independently from the government. The AUC’s mandate is to act impartially, treating both electricity suppliers and their customers fairly. The RRO price set by the AUC is meant to fairly compensate energy providers, while also ensuring that customers pay a fair and reasonable price.

What is the downside of regulated service?

The regulated rate is entirely based upon price projections for the month ahead. Although the regulated rate remains steady for any given month, the consequence of recalculating the rate on a month-to-month basis is that the price of electricity or natural gas changes often, and sometimes by a great deal. Market volatility can make it very difficult to plan out a budget. In addition, you cannot be declined for service under the regulated option for things such as poor credit. This means that the potential for losses due to non-payment of accounts is much higher resulting in a higher price that needs to be charged to all customers to account for these losses. The end result is that the regulated rate is not the cheapest option in the market place and the rollerc

What is a competitive retailer/contract?

Competitive energy retailers are licensed by Services Alberta under the Fair Trading Act. They, like regulated rate providers, are responsible for purchasing energy supply on their customers’ behalf, billing, keeping records, and managing customer accounts, and for providing customer service. Unlike regulated rate providers, they are able to sell energy contracts at different prices and lengths to consumers, and provide more options to customers. Competitive energy retailers may sell electricity, natural gas, or both. Some competitive retailers offer special rates for different types of consumers (e.g. for seniors, or non-profits), and others offer green energy.

Why choose a competitive retailer over a regulated rate provider?

The main advantage of considering a competitive energy retailer for your electricity or gas supply is for the opportunity to find an energy option that is best suited to you. Just because your local regulated rate provider exists as the “default option” does not mean that it is necessarily your “best” choice. Competitive energy retailers offer you a wider range of options for your energy, allowing you to choose a contract that reflects your preferences. Maybe you are interested in finding the cheapest electricity or natural gas rate out there, or that you want to support local Alberta businesses, or want to lock in a fixed rate for your electricity or your natural gas. A competitive contract can provide these options.

What do I need to do to switch service providers?

If you have never chosen a retailer before then you are likely on a regulated rate and you just need to visit our signup page, select the product and term that work best for you and we will take it from there. If you are approved for service, we will advise your current provider of the change. There is nothing you need to do other than complete the signup process. If you are currently on a competitive contract, you will need to check the terms and conditions to determine your exit clause and your ability to switch.

How long does it take to switch service?

There is a 10 day cooling off period that is required under the Fair Trading Act that allows customers to cancel their application without penalty. After that period has passed, we will provide the proper notifications for getting your service switched to our program. You will receive your new bill from us and you may receive a final bill with final billing charges from your current provider. Normally, the entire activation process should take no longer than 15 business days.

Which retailer provides my service?

We have partnered with Campus Energy, a longtime player in the Alberta energy markets to provide electricity and/or natural gas service to our customers. The physical delivery of your services will still be provided by the same service/distribution companies that provide that service today. As such, the delivery charges on your bill will remain the same as these are regulated charges that apply regardless of the competitive retailer that is supplying the energy.

Your Account & Admin

How much does it cost to have energy supplied to my site?

The price that you must pay for the provision of energy to your residential site will be based on the Energy Plan that you have selected. In addition to the price of energy, other charges may also apply namely (a) the Administration Fee (b) the Service Fee, (c) the Processing Fee (d) any Late Payment Charge, and (e) all Third-Party Charges. These fees and explained and defined in the terms and conditions that will govern your competitive contract.

What confirmation will I receive once I sign up for service?

After you sign up online, you will receive an email confirmation welcoming you to the energy program along with confirmation of the activation of your online account. You will also receive confirmation of the product and term selected and the governing terms and conditions related to that product selection.

How will I receive my energy invoice each month?

You will receive an email notification each month indicating that your energy statement is ready for viewing. This invoice/statement can be retrieved from the online portal using your account login.

What are my options for paying my monthly utility bill?

Customers must choose between an automatic debit from your bank account or an automatic charge to a valid credit card. This information is required as part of the signup process. There will be a small convenience charge to offset costs associated with processing these payment options.