Energy Efficiency

The Need for Change

As the world grapples with the impacts of climate change and the cost of energy consumption increases, governments, citizens and businesses alike are turning their attention to finding ways to reduce their carbon footprints, reduce their overall level of energy consumption and change the kinds of energy that fuel their energy requirements.

Impacts of the Canada Carbon Tax Cost

The Canadian federal carbon tax will increase until 2030. The federal carbon tax will increase until 2030. The table below shows the actual carbon tax along with the actual financial impact per gigajoule (GJ) of natural gas consumption, as determined by a Carbon Tax Cost Calculator. The figures in Table 2 represent ONLY the carbon tax cost and excludes the cost of natural gas itself.

This images shows financial impact using our Carbon tax calculator for Alberta

What is Energy Efficiency

In a nutshell, energy efficiency is using less energy to perform the same task, which can be evaluated with a Carbon Tax Calculator. In other words, eliminating energy waste.

There are enormous opportunities for efficiency improvements in every sector of the economy, whether it is buildings, transportation, industry, or even the power generators themselves. By focusing efforts to reduce energy consumption through a variety of tactics and strategies, businesses stand to reap economic, social and environmental benefits from their efforts.

Energy efficiency helps with eliminating energy waste

Challenges With Energy Efficiency

Pursuing energy efficiency opportunities makes good business sense but there are challenges that come with developing an energy efficiency program including:

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you know you are wasting energy and have opportunities to improve?
  • Who do you trust to help with developing an improvement plan that works for you?
  • How do you avoid making bad investments that do not provide expected returns?
  • What is the cost of doing nothing given the impact of carbon taxes and rising energy rates? (Calculate this with a Carbon Tax Calculator)

Your Roadmap To Energy Efficiency Success

Like any journey, it is important to map out the key components so that you arrive at your destination on time, on budget and that the end result is exactly what you set out to achieve.

Use our Canadian carbon tax calculator to help you budget
What is the cost of doing nothing given the impact of carbon taxes and rising energy rates?