Electricity Savings


8760 is the largest, independent energy aggregator in Canada. We have the leverage and expertise to help you with electricity savings as well as natural gas savings, contain costs or both.


8760 offers several services that can help your business better manage energy expenses including:

Commodity Procurement

Using a unique RFP process, 8760 works with closely with each of our clients to secure both electricity and natural gas services at the best price and the most favorable terms for that particular client.

Product Strategies

8760 works with our clients to provide product and hedging strategies that will help minimize costs, maximize savings and provide cost certainty based on clients expense management goals.

D & T Reviews

Distribution and Transmission charges represent a significant part of the energy bill. 8760 conducts D&T reviews to ensure there are no hidden or incorrect costs that adversely affect your energy bills.

Customer Support

8760 serves as the energy department for our clients. We handle administrative issues and billing problems as well as provide budgeting services, carbon tax insights, site adds and drops, and more.


At 8760, our brand promise is “we win, when our customers win”. We are focused on helping customers succeed through better expense management and you stand to benefit in the following ways:

The Power of Aggregation

8760 ensures customers achieve the lowest possible rates through a formalized, transparent and auditable RFP process. By aggregating client volumes together, we maximize purchasing power and force retailers/suppliers to sharpen their pencils with respect to the price you receive.

The Power of Competition

8760’s procurement model ensures that competitive principles apply as retailers/suppliers compete for our customers’ business. This unique procurement process sets 8760 apart in the marketplace and enables customers to achieve a more favorable arrangement than if you were to deal directly with a commodity retailer/supplier.

The Power of Cost Certainty

8760’s energy strategies give clients the peace of mind that their electricity and natural gas expenses are strategically managed. Customers are able to achieve cost savings and at the very least cost certainty, which eliminates uncertainty and provides stability to your bottom line.

We Eliminate Your Market Exposure

Electricity and natural gas markets can be extremely volatile which can have catastrophic impacts to your bottom line. 8760’s strategies can eliminate this volatility and provide cost certainty and/or potential savings over the short or long term.

We Eliminate “Key Man” Risk

Energy markets are complex. Utilizing 8760’s team of experts to strategically manage electricity and natural gas expenses eliminates the need, and associated risks, to build in-house competencies. 8760 combines expertise and results to give you peace of mind.

We Enable You To Focus On Priorities

Many organizations do not have the time, the resources or the know-how to manage their energy needs. 8760 serves as your energy department and allows you to focus on those activities that are truly core to your business and your bottom line.


As an Energy Expense Management firm 8760 only has one goal with every client – to save them money on their electricity & natural gas expenses.

There are many challenges that businesses face in trying to navigate and manage their electricity and natural gas expenses. 8760 is here to help. We work directly for you to provide solutions and strategies that work so that you can focus on those activities that are core to your business.

Managing energy expenses
“We have utilized the services of 8760 to act as our energy advisors starting in 2009. As a large consumer of electricity and natural gas in our seven plants in four different provinces, we engaged 8760 to assist us with our energy cost containment and management. They provided us with appropriate policies, analyses and products to effectively manage our cost profiles within the constraints of such things as property lease and contract expires.
They are knowledgeable, responsive, pro-active, innovative, transparent and, most importantly, “hassle free”. The team have provided us with excellent, cost effective support for our needs and have helped us extensively in fulfilling our desire for cost certainty and management of a large expenditure.”
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