And our name is born from that fact. More importantly, our name speaks to our unrelenting promise that we will work to save you money, create cost certainty, and provide peace of mind every hour of every year with respect to management of your electricity, natural gas and credit card processing expenses.

Pierre Vandendooren and Ian Ball founded the company in 2004 with the simple desire to bring their deep understanding of the electricity, natural gas, and credit card businesses to help clients better manage these expense lines.

In the early days, strategy sessions were held at the local coffee shop and their team of two would plot how to take their message to the business community. One by one, 8760’s client base grew as customers realized the value and the cost savings that were possible under the 8760 approach.


8760 now operates out of brand new office space on the 12th floor of Sun Life Place with an experienced team of energy and card payment professionals focused on helping clients. The message and value that 8760 provides to our clients have not changed since inception, but 8760’s capacity and ability to reach and help clients has grown substantially.

And we continue to grow as more and more customers experience the world class solutions, exceptional customer service, and cost savings that our team brings to the table each and every day. Energy markets and the credit card processing industry are very complex and many business owners do not have the time, the resources, or the know-how to effectively manage these costs on their own.

At 8760, we use our competitive advantage—which includes capability, knowledge and expertise—to help our customers’ business. Simply put, we win when our customers win.

8760 can help your business too. Contact Us Today to get the conversation started!