8760 takes pride in providing our customers exceptional customer service, great products and answers to their business challenges. Read about the good things our customers say about us:

“We have been partnered with 8760 for a number of years with respect to both our energy and card payment needs for our membership group and it has been an excellent relationship. We have a great program in place that provides value and real savings to our members and the team servicing our accounts provide world class service and advice. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

“8760 does an excellent job with respect to our card processing needs at our various Chili’s restaurants. Their pricing helped us lower our monthly operating costs and their service is top notch. 8760 is a great business partner and would certainly recommend them to any business looking for help with their card processing needs. ”

“8760 has been involved in a range of services including sourcing and negotiating electricity and gas contracts on our behalf. Our confidence in 8760 has been enhanced by the transparency and the independence of the information provided, particularly in relation to any potential income which would be accrued to themselves through energy supply contracts. We have also been very happy with the general level of service provided in helping us mitigate potential income risks as it relates to energy exposures, to the extent that we recommend 8760 to any of our suppliers or counterparts.”

“For a number of years now the 8760 team has assisted Lilydale Inc. in the management of its energy risk programs…they have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to our bottom line.”

“We have utilized the services of 8760 to act as our energy advisors starting in 2009. As a large consumer of natural gas and electricity in our seven plants in four different provinces, we engaged 8760 to assist us with our energy cost containment and management. They provided us with appropriate policies, analyses and products to effectively manage our cost profiles within the constraints of such things as property lease and contract expires.

They are knowledgeable, responsive, pro-active, innovative, transparent and, most importantly, “hassle free”. The team have provided us with excellent, cost effective support for our needs and have helped us extensively in fulfilling our desire for cost certainty and management of a large expenditure.”

“As an association with numerous partnerships we can honestly say this one has been the easiest to set up due to the open, honest and flexible approach/communication of the 8760. 8760 is committed to providing top-notch services for association members and truly do focus on what’s in the best interest of the consumer, in our case, the owners and operators of seniors housing. The key to our amazing success is the open two-way communcation- 8760 walks the talk!”

“Our experience with 8760 has been overwhelmingly positive. Their expertise, knowledge and experience in natural gas and electrical procurement have allowed us to reduce our expenses and lower our budgeting forecast. I would recommend 8760 to anyone in search of lowering their total operating expenses.”

“We have been very impressed with the service of 8760 as they understand our way of treating members. Spend some time with 8760 and they will show you the forgotten financial benefits of merchant processing.”

“I tell clients that 8760 is strong on pricing and very strong on service. They exceed expectations.”

“We were extremely dissatisfied with the service we were receiving from our previous card provider. 8760 offered to analyze our monthly merchant statements and provided as a very favorable quote. Their equipment rental was less expensive and most of their card rates were better as well. But the service 8760 offered during the discovery process is what sold us on making the move and we have never regretted the decision.”

“We chose 8760 to handle our credit card processing needs because they were very competitive with their rates and provide wonderful service. Our Account Manager is very well informed and prompt when we have questions.”

“We have been processing credit cards with 8760 since 2010. At that time, 8760 met with me to explain the details of their program and completed an in depth cost analysis which outlined all transaction types and costs. The 8760 program has helped our dealer group to reduce our processing costs significantly. In addition to that, we never have to worry about receiving a price increase from 8760 because we have a rate spread guarantee which gives us cost certainty.”

“I own and operate an extensive network of companies including car dealerships, hotels, car rental companies and real estate development. 8760 now manages both my energy and card payment processing portfolios. 8760 has successfully lowered my fixed operating costs with virtually seamless transitions between the operators and has provided me with accurate and detailed information so I can easily make decisions to benefit my business.”